Control Your Investment with the right marketing strategy

Empower your fund and your portfolio companies with effective marketing activities

In an industry where transparency, trustworthiness, and regulatory compliance are non-negotiable, SirFred Group offers a suite of marketing services crafted to address the unique challenges of financial services.

Our offerings are meticulously designed to foster trust, ensure adherence to regulations, and elevate your brand’s clarity in communication.

Enhance Shareholder Engagement - Position your Fund as an authority

We provide comprehensive support from Press Releases, PPMs, Corporate Presentations, Track Records documents, Speaking Opportunities, Website management, Blogging, White Papers, Thought leadership, to LinkedIn management for both personal and corporate pages.

Ad-Interim CMO - Drive strategic growth with expert leadership

We can act as your interim CMO, managing PR and media outreach, orchestrating bespoke investor events, including those for HNWIs, and ensuring all marketing activities are aligned with your fund’s objectives, on top of our comprehensive shareholder engagement services.

Due to the high-quality, personalised approach, we have limited capacity for this service. Contact us to discuss your needs and see if we’re a good fit for top-level results.

Control their Marketing budget - Prevent misallocation and ensure strategic spending.

Our unique approach empowers Fund Managers to take control of marketing budgets, ensuring funds are allocated effectively.

By partnering with us, you gain a strategic ally who works directly with your team to meet milestones, optimise resources, and drive your portfolio companies toward success.

We act as your perfect plug-and-play marketing team, 100% agile, with less fuss and more focus, delivering guaranteed results.

Our method - Marketing as an Asset

At SirFred Group, we transform marketing into a valuable asset. Led by a CMO with over 18 years of experience—10 of which in private markets and the financial industry—our CEO has a unique blend of expertise in finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship.


Francesca Rossi, CEO at Sir Fred Group:

“When funds invest in a company, the marketing team is often under-qualified or nonexistent, resulting in numerous trials and wasted budgets. This usually delays the implementation of an effective strategy, often leading to misguided pricing tactics that focus on lowering costs rather than adding value. That’s why we work directly with you to meet milestones, optimise budgets, and ensure the right talent is in place at the right time.  I often step in as CMO/VP Marketing, guaranteeing efficient and expert management of your marketing activities.”

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